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Why LoveCostaRica.com?

  • PRICING.  No Need to Shop til you drop.  We have the best prices at the lovely small hotels that are the true gems of Costa Rica.
  • SECURITY. You do not send money out of the country, nor do you pay until your itinerary is 100% fully confirmed.
  • EXPERIENCE.  We have been sending customers to Costa Rica exclusively since 1992.  It is all we do!
  • PEACE OF MIND. We know how to arrange seamless travel.  Your hotel reservations will be there when you arrive, and the other services will show up as promised.  No worries, no hassles.
  • CONVENIENCE.  One stop shopping.  We can arrange everything necessary for the trip of a lifetime.  No need to deal with multiple vendors.
  • NO SELLING. Planning a vacation should be fun!  You won't be subjected to high pressure tactics.  Just great service, from travel professionals



Several years ago, we operated an office in the Quepos area. I used to spend about one week every month there. On one visit I started to notice thick blue ropes strung across the road, about twenty feet up. I was informed that they were the new "monkey bridges". One of the major causes of death for monkeys is power lines. They usually travel from tree limb to tree limb. When they encounter a wide street, they will sometimes us a power line to cross over. The problem occurs when they grab two lines at once, and complete the circuit. Instant death occurs.