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This formerly sleepy town has gone through a resurgence lately. There is now an extremely varied choice of accommodations, and at very good prices.  Once only known as a surfers beach, several new boutique hotels have sprung up in recent years. There are several options that offer stunning views and beachfront accommodations.

The expat community here includes a lot of European and South Americans.  They have opened some exceptional restaurants featuring their international cuisine, with locally sourced ingredients.  Yoga is also widely practiced here, and some of our favorite hotels offer studios open to the beach and

But surfing is still king. There are several surf shops catering to an international clientele. Most also offer lessons for novices and advanced surfers, and equipment rentals. The bars tend to offer entertainment that appeals to the younger crowd,. 

There are also several opportunities for unique nature tours nearby.  The tremendously diverse Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve is only a short drive away.  There are also ziplines, ATV rentals, and of course surf lessons!

A small note of caution. The waves are the reason that the surfers love this area so much. The currents at this beach can be a little tricky.  We recommend that you talk to the front desk about where the safest areas to swim in are located.




The per night rate for the hotels in this area are priced as follows.


$$$$:    $300.00 and above

$$$:     $175.00 - $300.00

$$:     $100.00 - $175.00

$:     Under $100.00



Featured Day Tours:

  • Rain Forest Tram Tours: These tram tours provide a birds' eye view of the rainforest and are one of the best ways you can spend a day in Costa Rica!



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Ceviche (also spelled Cerviche) is almost as important to Costa Rica Cuisine as the ubiquitous Gallo Pinto.  It can be found all over the country.  From bus station counters to high end restaurants, you will almost always find this fish cocktail on the menu.
I live in New Orleans, and I am a gumbo junkie.  Working from essentially the same ingredients and spices, everyone here produces a different gumbo.  All local cooks have their own recipe, and all are (usually) delicious.