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The Southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is completely different from any other part of the country. The population here is largely made up of English- speaking blacks - the descendants of Jamaicans who came here to help build the railroads. This area is much less developed than Guanacaste or the Central Pacific Coast, and a 4WD drive vehicle is recommended for your visit here.

But it is certainly worth the effort. This area boasts the world's largest coral reef. The town of Puerto Viejo offers several very good restaurants, and the hotels in this area are still relatively inexpensive. This area also seems to be the new spot for young surfers and counterculture types. When you mix these kids with the fun loving local rastas, an interesting time can be had by all at the local disco.

A lot of this area was harvested for timber and left to regenerate. This seems to have created the perfect habitat for monkeys and green Parrots - as you may you may find in the mornings when the parrots decided to serenade you at daybreak. Songbirds, they're not! Don't expect to live in the lap of luxury here. Just go with the flow and you will have a wonderful time.


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Gallo Pinto
It is a typical morning in Costa Rica, and my lovely bride is craving a "Tipical" breakfast.
Costa Rica has always been an agricultural economy.  Even though tourism is now the #1 industry, many folks still work close to the land.  This hearty meal is just the ticket to "fuel the furnace" for another active day.  Tipical breakfasts include eggs, delicious local cheese, plantains, tortillas and Gallo Pinto.