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Monteverde offers the perfect combination of natural beauty and interesting people. As a matter of fact this area is almost the perfect model for nature and people coexisting harmoniously.


In the early 1950s a small group of Quaker dairy farmers from the US settled on the mountain. The Quakers, with their peaceful ways, and respect for the environment, were a perfect match for the hard working, gentle Costa Ricans already living here. Since that time, several reserves have been founded where you can walk for hours in the splendor of the cloudforest.

Many artists, researchers and educators either make their homes here or are frequent visitors. Several alternative schools, an institute for cloudforest education, a woman's arts cooperative, and a yearly concert series illustrate the cultural experience awaiting you here.

Numerous canopy adventures (both walkways and cables), an orchid garden, a butterfly farm, a rainforest tram, a frog zoo, a serpentarium and insectarium can also be found here. Many varieties of accommodations are available to make the weary traveler feel welcome.

Hotels range from small to medium sized, from upscale to basic hostels. The road here is a little challenging, so we recommend a 4WD vehicle. Due to the numerous activities, we recommend a minimum of three nights to experience as much as possible.


Featured Lodging:


The per night rate for the hotels in this area are priced as follows.


$$$$:    $300.00 and above

$$$:     $175.00 - $300.00

$$:     $100.00 - $175.00

$:     Under $100.00


Featured Language School:

  • CPI Language Study: Polish up your Spanish skills in the Cloud Forest



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The zipline tours through the forest canopy originated as a commercial venture in Monteverde.  There is some dispute about by who and how they were invented.  One of the local businesses even has a copyright on the term "canopy tour", which has become the catch all term that many use to describe this adventuresome activity.  We won't get involved in this argument.

But we will tell you that this is one of the most fun things you can do during your adventure in Costa Rica.  They are scattered all over the country.  But I feel that the best ones can still be found around Monteverde.