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Manuel Antonio / Quepos is one of the most popular areas in the country. The National Park has some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Costa Rica, and is simply teeming with wildlife. The tambolo here is one of the most perfect in the world.

Built up from thousands of years of wave-action, the narrow isthmus connects the island to the mainland. Three of the four species of monkey found in Costa Rica are present here, as are dozens of species of birds. The stunning National park used to be the only game in town. But as the area has become more popular, the options have grown.

The billfishing in this area is some of the finest in the world, with many world records taken off the coast here. There are a multitude of tours to keep the active visitor happy. Jungle canopy tours, whitewater rafting, horseback tours, ATV tours, even ultralight flights are available here. In the evenings, head out to any of the fine little restaurants for fresh seafood at bargain prices. This is an easy area to get around - you will not need a car.

There is a seven-kilometer long road leading from the little fishing town of Quepos and ending at the National Park. All along this road you can find a dizzying array of hotels. From cozy and inexpensive locally owned hotels to small elegant villa type hotels that are offered at movie star prices. This area has it all.

Featured Lodging:



The per night rate for the hotels in this area are priced as follows.


$$$$:    $300.00 and above

$$$:     $175.00 - $300.00

$$:     $100.00 - $175.00

$:     Under $100.00


Featured Spas:

Featured Day Tours:

  • Rain Forest Tram Tours: These tram tours provide a birds' eye view of the rainforest and are one of the best ways you can spend a day in Costa Rica!

Featured Sport Fishing Companies:

  • Aventuras Poseidon - Sportfishing specialists, there are several boats to choose from as well as offshore and inshore fishing packages
  • Bluefin Sportfishing - Sportfishing charters based out of Quepos, a large number of tours and packages make this a great company to fish with



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Several years ago, we operated an office in the Quepos area. I used to spend about one week every month there. On one visit I started to notice thick blue ropes strung across the road, about twenty feet up. I was informed that they were the new "monkey bridges". One of the major causes of death for monkeys is power lines. They usually travel from tree limb to tree limb. When they encounter a wide street, they will sometimes us a power line to cross over. The problem occurs when they grab two lines at once, and complete the circuit. Instant death occurs.